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Sorry for posting so rarely, but I had exams and started learning game development 24/7. Soon I will make tutorials about HTML5 game development. Till that you can check my games here:

For now here is an awesome video about Game Development:


Messenger JavaScript library – Modern alerts for the 21st century

alert JavaScript command is so last decade…. Here are the new way to show your visitors alerts or ask for permission.


Messenger popups JavaScript library

Easy to implement:

  • JavaScript:
Messenger().post("Your request has succeded!");
  • CoffeeScript:
Messenger().post "Your request has succeded!"

Download the source from here:



Happy New Year to everyone!

I am a bit late, but Happy New Year to everyone!

I will come with more tutorials and releases this year, so stay tuned! :)


Project Euler – Excersices for programmers

I started doing these problems since yesterday. I am done with 10+, they become harder and harder.
You can do the problems in any programming language. I am doing them in Javascript.


jQuery bouncing ball with HTML and CSS

I just created this little program to test out setInterval function in jQuery. Here is the whole program:
HTML part:

 <div id="wrapper">
            <div id="ball"> // this will bounce

CSS part:

                border:1px solid green;
                border:1px solid black;
                width: 10px;
                -webkit-border-radius: 999px; // border radious to our ball div, so it will look like a circle
                -moz-border-radius: 999px;
                border-radius: 999px;

jQuery part:

            $(document).ready(function() {
                    setInterval(function() {
                        $('#ball').animate({marginTop: '+500px'}, 2000); // go to the bottom of the #wrapper file
                        $('#ball').animate({marginTop: '0px'}, 2000); // go back to the top
                    }, 0); // 0 means do it every time, when the function is finished, in our case every 4 sec

In case you did not heard about it

Amazon started delivering packages via Drones!!!



“All this technology is making us antisocial!”


BitCoin accepting places near to you!

My previous post was about crypto currencies, now here is a map, where you can use it near to you:


You can now support me with Crypto currencies

If you like my blog, and want to see more posts, please donate some coins. I have no ads here, so every donation would help. Thank you!
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AlpacaJS – Easy Forms for jQuery

I just started testing Alpaca, and I like it. It creates nice forms using jQuery and Bootstrap.

Alpaca generates forms on-the-fly using JSON schema and configuration to define object models, types, properties, validation logic and layout. Alpaca generates intuitive forms while giving your business the assurance of data compliance.

The Alpaca library is pre-packaged with controls, wizards, layouts, I18N support and pluggable template engines for EJS, Handlerbars and jQuery.tmpl. API Documentation is provided so that you can extend Alpaca as you see fit.

Alpaca helps you to separate your data from your presentation. Design your forms once and have them work across different devices and UI engines without any additional coding.

Basic example:

Put this in the section of your HTML file:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<link type="text/css" href="" rel="stylesheet"/>


How to use it:

<div id="form1"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
    "schema": {
      "title": "User Feedback",
      "description": "What do you think about Alpaca?",
      "type": "object",
      "properties": {
        "name": {
          "type": "string",
          "title": "Name"
        "ranking": {
          "type": "string",
          "title": "Ranking",
          "enum": ['excellent', 'not too shabby', 'alpaca built my hotrod']


Visit their website for downloads and docs:

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